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Everything you need for a weekend spend in nature

We LOVE camping, always have, always will. It all started in our parent's backyards, and we're now sleeping under the stars of Iceland. In this mini guide we want to share our favorite camping gear with you. All those things that we grew utterly fond of over the last years.

Camping is fun, camping is freedom, camping is happiness. But let's face it, it also means quite some equipment for you to buy, especially, if you don't just wanna camp on public grounds but hike, bike and trek the back countries, as well. We've put together a rather extensive list containing not just all the gear you most definitely need but also some items you might not have thought of, yet and which are insanely good to have.

Of course, there is more stuff you have to take with you, but we didn't want to list usual suspects like:

  • a lighter to get your stove going
  • dry shampoo and other 'bathroom' necessities
  • toothbrush and paste, obviously
  • most importantly, coffee and coffee filters 😉
  • bags for wet clothes and to collect your trash

This following list is not just random items put together - we actually own most of the gear shown below. We both have the Deuter 45 trekking backpack and love it to bits. Caro already carried hers through New Zealand for four months - and she did so 13 years ago. We, therefore, can whole-heartedly recommend this special backpack! 😀 Same goes for the tent - we personally are huge fans of Exped and are overly happy with our model. The sleeping bag by Mountain Hardwear is new in and right in the middle of testing - so far, we can't say a single bad thing about it. The cooking system is one of the best on the market (and accordingly expensive) but it's super lights and therefore easy to carry. Huge plus! The Thermos bottle is eco-friendly and sustainable, the CAMP book amazing to browse through and 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed a must-read! The mini speaker is tiny and has an awesome sound - we even use it in the car to listen to our road trip playlists. <3

If you are looking for some recipes then check out Trail Recipes for loads and loads of ideas (non-vegan, as well).

  • nuts
  • Clif Bars and nakd bars - we absolutely love them both!
  • apple chips
  • peanut butter
  • seaweed snacks
  • the awesome variety by Made in Nature

If you are looking for further information on camping in Iceland...

...then you might wanna check out our article about wild camping in the land of fire and ice, right over here:

Linda's Favorite Item

Caro's Favorite Item

Tent For 2

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Pad

Trekking Backpack

Wood Gasifier

Cooking Set

Cooking System

Camping Dishes

Enamel Mug

Thermos Drinking Bottle

Outdoor Coffee Filter

Water Filter

Camping Cook Book


Outdoor Blanket

First Aid Kit

Sun Protection

Hand Desinfection

Insect Repellent

Microfiber Towel

Mini Speaker

Wash Bag

Multi Tool

Be Brave, Run Free And Stay Wild

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Wild Camping Iceland, Iceland Blog, Iceland insider tips, Camping Guide Iceland, Freedom to roam Iceland, where to camp in Iceland, Camping tips and hacks Iceland, Camping Card Iceland, Dear Heima, Outdoor Website for Women

Wild camping Iceland: Rules, Regulations, overall tips

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